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Well it's only taken nearly 3 months to do updates .... but all the links should now be done. Will be working on this site mainly to Xenomorf files and update show calendar, top sales list etc. Show new stuff wil be added and some old taken away. the cheat links from webshop should also now work.

07-06-2006 - Apology number 3
Sorry for lack of contact in last 2 weeks but got out of hospital this morning, have 2 weeks of emails and ebay to sort out.......
Basically I had a minor stroke, which means I have to lose weight (sniff) and regain what fitness I and stamina I had. Which means 6 to 8 weeks of home rest.......
Which means to save me being bored out of my skull... a lot of changes and updates will be happening over the next few weeks... life moves on and priorities change....
I will be in contact with folks individually re order and enquires over the next week or so.... gradually building up stamina.

20-05-2006 - APOLOGIES number 2
My previous ISP did not host all the site , so I changed ISP's. But with holidays and work this is the first bit of spare time I have had to update the site. You should now have all the site back and big changes are planned for the future.

The links from this front page work...... need to update individual pages.. sorry

30-12-2005 - APOLOGIES
Only just noticed... mainly due to house moving that not all the site is up... this will be rectified very soon... sorry... I have to cut size of site down and move some elemnts to a new site coming soon... this site will be staying up but the host providers charges are a little high when compared to other solutions...

Just a quick update...... going to change site quite a bit in near future, the top link will take you to the webshop and have added a new photo of my daughter.. will be adding JagFest UK photos later .. But I thought of a Top 10 Atari Products, updated monthly so you can see what other people are buying from the webshop, ebay and at shows from me... could be interesting, no?

Well for a quick taster........

Top 10 Atari Products Oct 2005

1: Wolfenstein 3D for Jaguar
2: Steel Talons for Lynx
3: SuperSkweek for Lynx
4: Hydra for Lynx
5: Xybots for Lynx
6: Chips Challenge for Lynx
7: Crystal Mines II for Lynx
8: Iron Soldier for Jaguar
9: Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story for Jaguar
10: Bubsy The Bobcat for Jaguar


Well Louise is about 10 months now and growing fast ...

JagFestUK 2005

What Shows/Events are on in 2005?

Nov 12 - EuroJagFest - Germany

Oct 22/23 - JagFest UK 2K5 - UK

In planning, details here

Oct 22/23 - CCAG - USA
Definitley one of the friendliest shows I have been too. Jim and the team do a damn good event, if your around Lorain, Ohio you gotta go. More details here

Sept 10 - CCAG - Netherlands

Mr Atari and Sandra, orgainizers of this show. Very friendly crowd and one for Netherlands, Germans and French to support. If I can make time am also thinking of going. More details here

Aug 13 - Classic Gaming Expo - UK
Probably the largest Retro show in the UK, definitley worth a visit to rekindle past memories and indulge oneself in the many attractions at the show. More details here

July 2/3 - Nordic Atari Show - Sweden
This is one of my favorite places and events to go to. Great atmosphere, very friendly people and this year Rodolphe Czuba of CT60 fame will be appearing. Unfortunately I have work responsibilities so I can't go this year, needless to say I am really Disappointed.
Check out the NAS Website

Apr 23-24 - Jag Connexxion 2005 - France

Apr 16 - RetroGamers 2005 - Germany


If you know of any Retro events anywhere which can be added please let me know, I will try and keep the list updated.


ST Magazine Subscription News

29-Mar 2004: Issues 136 is now in stock
29-Nov 2004: Issues 134 and 135 are now in stock

You can check out whats available here http://stmagazine.org/

3 Issues normally cost £10.50, now on subscription rate only £10.00
4 Issues normally cost £14.00, now on subscription rate only £12.50
6 Issues normally cost £21.00, now on subscription rate only £18.00

This rate includes postage and packing for the UK.
For USA, Australia and other English speaking Countries please add another £1.00.
For French speaking countries please refer to http://stmagazine.org/

You can start you subscription from Issue 132, whilst it's in stock or just email me with your preferred start Issue number.

I know you will enjoy this magazine and it is written by enthusiasts for enthusiasts.

Subscription can be made through the 16/32 Webshop and just click to the Atari Magazine Section and go to your preferred section.

webshop - http://www.1632-sales.zenwebhosting.com/catalog/




16/32 are one of the oldest Atari supporting companies around since 1991. We started with a PD Library and grew into a full time retail outlet supporting Atari, Amiga and PC. Now I have gone back to my roots and will keep supporting Atari whilst I work at my new job.

This web site is divided in to 2 parts;
1). This area will be a general resource and information about Atari, Amiga and in general. Divided in 3 parts each ill contain links and info on all types of subjects
2). The Sales Catalogue. This is available through the links in each section but they go to a Online Web Sales Area (which again is still progressing). The catalogue is a programmed using Actinic which seems very easy to use... I hope. It is fully functional but you can obviously check by email or phone. Any credit card transfer is secured through Actinic 128bit protection and Zen.

Obviously both the Information website and Webshop will be changing quite a bit in the near future as I get to learn more about web publishing etc, any ideas or comments would be appreciated.

January 2003
Following a decision in the German Federal courts regarding credit card ROM Logic and 16/32 Systems have come to an agreement regarding distribution of English version of Papyrus for the Atari and MAC series of computers. Follow this link for the PAPYRUS pages.

April 2002
Just when you thought you could concentrate on your hobby and life in general everything gets crazy... ahh well. Some minor updates to web site plus I plan a big additon to the Falcon side, more to come on that later.

Please note the new address for the Web Shop is now
I will have SSL encoding coming on line soon plus a couple of other helpful additions hopefully including a full database of stock. (Well I can hope!)

I still haven't fixed the counter but I will work on it when I have some time I can't seem to add in the other hits or start the counter from a definate number... something I know you all can do! I am just being dumb.

October 2001
Well the High Street Shop and storage unit are now closed and consigned to history, my new job is going very well and I have started to get more time to concentrate on Web stuff, such as learning to create web sites and update my programming skills (rusty is not the word, pathetic more like it). The Atari webshop is proving quite popular and certainly paying it's way so if you want to visit it, feel free. You may want to buy something!! (grin!)

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Website Changes

Moved website to new server, now should be fully functional.

Start standardizing website, links in red, titles in blue etc

Addition of JagFest

Papyrus additions

Forgot to add Lynx Hints updates, New Shows that I will be attending

Now work has settled down back to the website.

Thanks to Jörgen Nyberg for spotting intentional mistake in PixArt download, ie German Hyp file not Eng.. now corrected

New Show Details

New downloads, updated product pages