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One of the greatest inventions of the recent days is the evolution of computers. It wouldn’t be too much if we said that without computers we wouldn’t have gone up in technology. It was with the invention of computers other technologies shot up globally. Apart from that, we wouldn’t have realized how much we can explore without the invention of computers. This is the major reason as to why we adore the concept of computers. So here we are going to take a look at the evolution of computers.

How did computers evolve over a period?

We all know that the computer was simply a high-end big-size calculator when it was invented by Charles Babbage. A lot of people after him can be gladly acknowledged as his successors, but it is Babbage who still stands in our heads. After his invention, people were baffled as to how these systems works and the tech-buffs came up with different versions of the same. In between what we call the first invention of Babbage and the super-model computers that we use today, there have been a lot of evolutions.

In short, there are four generations of computers that are in between the two that we have already seen. Depending on the size, appearance, portability, features and usage, computers were classified into different generations. Though we have seen a lot of that is computer classes, what we call the fourth generation are the computers that were manufactured in the years between 1970 and 2010.

The Fifth generation computers:

The fifth and the last generation of computers are the ones that are recently launched. In the recent times, every single day we witness changes in technology. Technology and computers have gone so much hand-in-hand that they are evolving together. It is true that computers are actually making a revolutionary change. We could live without food, but it is not possible to live without computers.

What if evolution hasn’t happened?

This is one of the weirdest questions that someone can ever ask us, but this doubt can be natural. What if no one wanted to proceed with the idea of computers after Babbage? What if people didn’t believe that there was a point beyond? Do you think that evolution is not possible? Even then we would have witnessed these changes. The human mind has always wanted for better things, and we have a natural instinct that helps us understand how to achieve such better things. That is how we have always been able to walk towards improvement and create a better world.


All of us are well-aware of the scientific theory proposed by Charles Darwin. In his theory of revolution, he stated that revolution is an inevitable factor. This works well not just for biological evolution but also the evolution that takes place technologically. So as long as the Darwinian theory holds water, evolution is inevitable.