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16/32 are one of the oldest Atari supporting companies around since 1991. We started with a PD Library and grew into a full time retail outlet supporting Atari, Amiga and PC. Now I have gone back to my roots and will keep supporting Atari whilst I work at my new job.

This web site is divided in to 2 parts;

1) This area will be a general resource and information about Atari, Amiga and PC’s  in general. Divided in 3 parts each ill contain links and info on all types of subjects

2)The Sales Catalogue.  This is available through the links in each section but they go to a Online Web Sales Area   (which again is still progressing). The catalogue is a programmed using Actinic which seems very easy to use… I hope.  It is fully functional but you can obviously check by email or phone. Any credit card transfer is secured through Actinic 128bit protection and Zen.

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Includes Games descriptions, screen shots and downloadable movies if available.

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Why You Need A Water Dispenser

Value of drinking water can’t be stressed enough. Value of fresh drinking water can’t be stressed enough also. Fresh drinking water is crucial to man and most of life forms. Human beings have around fifty five % to seventy % of water in the systems of theirs. Nevertheless, there’s no consistent standard of the fraction of human beings. It varies based on the age and dimensions of the entire body.

Obviously, to stay away from dehydration, we need to eat around one to 6 liters of water each day. While it might count on some other things like training, environmental conditions, temperature, it’s safe to state we have to consumption h20 in its purest form instead of rely on the foods and drinks we take.

Having a sanitary and safe source of drinking water is important. Your really own Spring Water Sydney dispenser becomes rather indispensable. A dispenser is actually a machine which offers drinking water on the media of a switch or perhaps knob. They’re largely made to dispense hot and cold drinking water. Nevertheless, it is able to likewise be used for making tea and coffee.

Water dispensers are usually used in hospitals, restaurants, homes, schools, or offices for saving water and delivering it on demand, straight into other containers or a cup. The distinctive function for those dispensers; however, is actually they save electricity by decreasing the amount of times refrigerator doors are actually opened.

Countertop and Freestanding dispensers can be found with the freestanding simply being costlier compared to the other. Either style will require an electric outlet and a strong platform. A countertop product has to be put on a counter or maybe table, not far too high for dispensing or even altering the huge water bottle.

Several designs have a filtration system integrated into a distinctive water bottle. These’re much more popular with people who call for filtering their drinking water without the cost of purchasing prefilled water bottles. However, there are actually various kinds of filtration systems provided with dispensing features.

Water dispensers are actually made using various materials. Satin nickel, chrome, or brass, likewise referred to as brushed nickel, is often used to create the faucets, bronze or cup, that is akin to brass, is often-used in manufacturing storage tanks since corrosion is resisted by them. Polystyrene is often used to create water dispensers and is actually applied with stainless steel as an insulator. The very best feature is actually a stainless water reservoir. It eliminates the taste of plastic material in the water. Nearly all hot water faucets have security kid locks. In case you need to refill private water bottles, tall cups or maybe travel mugs, there must be sufficient spacing between the drip paper tray and faucet, as well as the nozzle must be little to place into the bottle of yours.

Guide To Buying Real Estate For First-Timers

The choice to be a first time homebuyer is actually an enjoyable and at times also frightening period in an individual’s existence. After many years of saving and deciding exactly where you wish to be in daily life, purchasing real estate is usually the next step. Real estate could be a major investment, particularly when you’re trying to settle down.

To begin with, you’ve to save up for a down payment. Purchasing the first house of yours isn’t likely to be a choice that you are able to make overnight. It is able to take many years of saving and preparation, particularly when you’re presently paying rent along with various other costs. A down payment is a good way to lower the monthly payments of yours while simultaneously cutting back on the quantity of interest you’ll be spending over the course of the loan of yours. Before you begin attending private viewings and open houses, find out what you are able to pay for. Additionally, it does not hurt working out a low cost on your own. The price of heating, waters, and electrical energy are actually prone to be costly with a house instead of an apartment.

Think about what you really want in the new residence of yours. Remember, the first place of yours is typically not going to be ideal. Nevertheless, it doesn’t damage to create a listing of items you’re searching for, within reason. Have you been searching for a great deal of lands? Just how many bedrooms do you like? Do you would like to be close to a certain location? Draw up a listing of attributes you wish most and place them in order from the majority of to least important, in case possible. Having these items written down can make it simpler for you to maintain your wish list directly.

When you’ve laid out the basic idea of what you’re searching for, it’s now time period to look for a genuine estate agent. Search for a respected agent in the area of yours. A fantastic way to find one is actually by word of jaws. In case you have had close friends or maybe family that have just recently bought real estate, they might be in a position to suggest an excellent agent. Or else, try out an Internet search or even seek out a local real estate agency.

Do not ever rush. Stay away from purchasing the first perfect home you see. Consider looking at various houses in Coastal La Jolla beach homes for sale by hs and other locations before you make your final decision. Take the time of yours so you’re hundred % sure of the order of yours. A home is actually a thing that you’re planning to have for numerous years to come. When handled properly, purchasing property is usually exciting procedure and a fun. When you take the time of yours and ready for the procedure, you will have the ability to browse stress free as possible.

Causes For Workers Compensation Claims

Though some employment types come with a more significant likelihood of damage or maybe possess the possibility for much more intense accidents to happen, even positions that appear in the beginning glance to be totally protected are usually rife with non-obvious or hidden dangers. Workers’ compensation benefits are actually supposed to help you to get the medical attention which is actually necessitated by the injury of yours or maybe occupational illness. They might also grant you a percentage of the revenue lost because of to missed time at work attributable to the injuries. These injuries may or may not be avoided so there should be a way to get fair treatment and assistance in the event that a workers get hurt in the performance of their duties.

Although one of the main benefits of workers’ compensation is thought to be it’s readily and quickly accessible to injured personnel, 2 elements are able to complicate the statements process considerably. Firstly among these is actually that employers might be confronted with heightened insurance rates as well as the loss of considerable money. Second, the insurance companies that will provide workers’ compensation policies are actually profit driven enterprises that secure the financial results of theirs by seeking to approve probably the fewest and least expensive statements that they can. And so, despite the spirit of the legislation enacting Iowa workers’ compensation law, it’s not constantly acted upon.

Physically extensive occupations expose workers to a single kind of danger. low-intensity and repetitive Highly jobs present them to the next. Typically, standard industry or employment handbooks instruction effort to guide new employees about the hazards natural in the chosen line of theirs of work as well as exactly how to stop or even decrease the likelihood of falling victim to occupational pain and illness. But perhaps best practices and comprehensive education are unable to get rid of the threat of environmentally-based or accidental damage.

Several of the most often encountered types of occupational injury which result in the filing of a workers’ compensation claim are actually carpal tunnel syndrome, tendonitis, bursitis, traumatic brain injuries, back injuries, fractured bones, strained ligaments, serious lacerations, lead poisonous substance and paint poisoning exposure, electric injuries, and also amputations.

These work-related injuries could sometimes incapacitate the worker, removing the ability to work temporarily or worse, completely. Oftentimes, these injuries are ignored but with the knowledge of the law and the help of a lawyer, the worker has a fighting chance to get compensated for these injuries. You can visit https://workerscompcalaw.com/work-injury/attorney/inglewood to find a lawyer who can assist you in your claims.

Selecting A Stroller For Your Child

Strollers are a major investment for several folks since they’re one of the major products that will be utilized in the very first 3 years of a kid’s life. Strollers differ from one manufacturer to another and based on the functions that you’d want having, the price range is able to begin from very affordable to plain outrageous. A number of forms of strollers are created for requirements that are different. Knowing which one will match the specific requirements of yours will instantly make the search of yours much easier within 1 stroller style.

In case you’re searching for a regular daily stroller which can accommodate an infant automobile seat, search for a traveling system style and research their features by reading honest reviews from Beta Dad Blog. If perhaps you’re a parent who’d want exercising with the kids, pick a jogger, or maybe jogging stroller for the most desirable option. Additionally, there are distinct strollers made for one kid single, 2 kids double, 3 kids triple and each type has various characteristics that will accommodate just infants or maybe baby and toddler combinations.

The frame is actually one component which has probably the least value when parents search for a brand new stroller. It is essential to keep in mind that a durable and lightweight structure will quickly affect its convenience, safety, and performance. A flimsy or sturdy design will undoubtedly create difficulties in case you need it for over a year. Some strollers are not hundred % assembled, and that’s why finding a frame that is simple to put together and take apart is important. Some strollers have to have a number of elements taken off for probably the most tiny storage and transportation capabilities. If components of the frame are actually attempting to take apart, it is going to cause a great deal of headaches each time you go.

The scale of the stroller is yet another aspect which is going to affect how handy it’ll be in ways that are various . Large strollers might appear to have additional stability, which is actually great for enjoyment in the outdoors, however taking it around town, in shops or maybe other locations that could have narrow passages can make some task a lot more daunting. The general dimensions of the stroller must also be viewed for transportation that is easy. When the stroller is actually little and a lot more compact when folded, the a lot easier it’s transporting in automobiles that are various , which is actually superb for anybody who does not have an SUV or perhaps minivan.

The wheels are among the most vital regions of a stroller. They’ve to be strong durable to resist practically any surface type. Some strollers, particularly joggers have 3 wheels while other regular types have 4, though the general quality of the wheels is most crucial, no matter the stroller type. If the wheels are actually removable for much better storage, it is crucial to get a design that is easy and quick to get rid of. For multi purpose strollers which can change from jogging style to daily use, look for swivel wheels that will also lock properly in place for outstanding maneuverability and balance respectively.

Brakes are actually a different part of the wheel process which is really important for safety. Look for long-lasting, easy to make use of brakes which will stay locked in place and also have a handy design. Storage is actually a big component of a stroller which parents cannot get enough of. With many of the things that the common parent has with them, locating a stroller which can perfectly hold all of those things is really important. Search for big storage baskets which could accommodate a minimum of a regular diaper bag and make certain it’s simple to access to everything once the kids are actually strapped in. Nothing is more irritating than having to shuffle kids out of the way simply to get a container.

Since parents are constantly multitasking with kids, other issues and bags, it is also essential to consider the comfort of the general stroller design. Find one thing that is very easy to open up as well as close with one hand and will remain compact when not used. Look for not difficult to make use of straps and buckles, adaptable sun shades, swivel whitening trays and far more to help make the life of yours easier when packing almost everything up with the kids.

Safe Bodybuilding Steroid Options

Use of steroids is now widespread among young sports players and athletes that admire these athletes and usually turn to steroids to achieve the same physical characteristics of favorite athletes. Unfortunately, the unfortunate fact of the issue is actually a large number of of these athletes wouldn’t have the physique they’ve without the usage of steroids.

You will find safe steroid options which don’t entail the same health consequences but do have possible to develop the lean muscle athletes desire in a far more dependable way. The debate about steroid use has kick-started advances in bodybuilding supplements which are being sold as secure steroid alternatives. These offer the body with the correct nourishment that it has to create and keep the desired muscles. Increasing your built with these options is pretty useful also as considerably less damaging to the overall health of yours. You can learn more about the effects of steroids at the MassGainSource website. Research will provide you with the data you need to make informed decision about your health and physique.

Dietary supplements like zinc and protein are likewise extremely effective in raising the body’s percent of lean muscle. In general, in the pill form, these secure steroid options could be conveniently found in the majority of health stores or even pharmacies. Dietary supplements like these may additionally be made obtainable in the powder or maybe beverage styles and are actually good for those that are actually looking for a number of additional flavor in a nutrient rich beverage.

You are able to usually find protein drinks in the grocery stores which cater especially to those that wish to put on weight and muscle mass. Vanilla, chocolate, strawberry along with other rich flavors are both accessible in order to suit both the food requirements of yours as well as to meet the taste buds of yours. Yet another advantage to using safe options to steroids is actually the legal status. All of the choices mentioned above have the label of being allowed to use, all while providing professional athletes with the capability to obtain the preferred lean muscle tissue.

While you can still find some negative effects which are actually achievable with these supplements, these risks are far outweighed by outcomes that are positive and are also a lot less dangerous compared to the risk you will be putting yourself in by using steroids. Research and experiments on options to steroids are constantly being carried out to make certain the safety and improve the quality.

Whatever dietary supplement you choose to utilize while on your voyage to boost muscle, good exercise and a healthy diet plan are actually important in assisting you to achieve the objectives of yours. Before beginning or maybe altering some workout or even the food of yours, it’s better if you initially talk with the doctor of yours.

Modern Massage Alternatives

Massage therapy is much more widely recognized globally nowadays than in many years past. Due to this, you will find more ways to get massage treatments. While the first way of obtaining massage was from qualified masseurs, one of probably the most affordable and easy modern options is actually through the usage of a massage cushion. A massage cushion is actually a flexible pad with moving parts which imitate hand massage. They’re made to suit on a seat, automobile seat, couch, or maybe another common seating area. Most people include a decision of three or perhaps more speed options from mild to vigorous massage, along with a choice of heat or even no heat. Many feature a fold able seat that the user rests on even though the massage area is actually connected to the rear of a seat, while others are simply a long, flat cushion which may be occupied upon or perhaps laid on a flat top like the floor, for a complete massage from head and neck to feet. Those made for wearing in automobiles are actually equipped with both a battery, adapter for plugging into the cigarette lighter, or perhaps both. Most also come equipped with a timer which instantly spins the cushion off after fifteen minutes.

However, there are actually various kinds of hand-operated massage, and rub cushions wish to imitate these varied techniques. Each method has its concentration and method, and they’re often used in conjunction with each other. A lot of the cushions utilize the exact same thought and have choices of various combinations in the adjustments. You will find 3 primary methods of supplying massage, whether through person communication or even an electronically run pad.  The Team at wellnessgeeky.com will provide specifier guidelines on how to buy and use a massage cushion. Their guidance will surely assist you in your decision. You should note that nerves run all over the body and also have a lot of different tasks to do. If they get aggravated, they can’t correctly perform those tasks.

The concept behind Shiatsu massage is actually to massage the proper pressure points or maybe areas where nerves are actually grouped in clusters, to alleviate the issues in the nerve bundles, hence unblocking the functioning s of the nervous feelings clustered there. A cushion provides the massage type by using balls that shift in a circular motion on every side of the spinal column, focusing on the pressure areas, imitating the motion of the masseur’s hands. Another technique is rolling or kneading. This’s a muscle instead of a nerve focused massage. The names are actually descriptive of the technique in what rolling over the tissue cells along with a kneading movement is actually utilized to have knots out of muscles. It’s often a gradual action and focuses on leisure and getting rid of muscle stress. In a cushion, many little rollers move up and down the back in addition to running in a circular pattern which mimics the motion of the palm as well as heels of a hand kneading into the muscle.

The other main method of massage is actually vibration. It focuses on the leisure of the entire body through loosening the muscles. This’s one type which is actually, actually, simpler to complete through physical means. A masseur uses fast hand motions to attain a fast, constant hitting, particularly on the back, neck, and shoulders. A vibrating cushion is able to achieve the same volume of vibration through high speed oscillating knobs with a much gentler touch, creating the entire entire body to chill out as well as the muscles to ease up. Massage is actually thought to help alleviate stress as well as muscle tension, improve blood circulation, alleviate fatigue, tension headaches, and back pain, as well as provide an individual a calm, calm feeling. Massage cushions are the contemporary option to the conventional trip to a message professional as well as provide adaptability and convenience.

What Is Retrocomputing?

People have never forgotten the retro things of their period. For instance, let us consider that for every hundred years a new generation arises. The last 50 years of a generation will consider the past 50 years of their generation as retro. Retro can also be called with terms such as vintage, classic or conventional. The greatest paradox that evolves with these retro memories is that no matter how outdated they are we place them under the genre retro and still remember them. This way they are never forgotten. Here we are going to see about one such concept, and that is retro computing.

What Is Retrocomputing?

One of the greatest evolutions of our age is the evolution of computers. The evolution of computers is one classic witness as too much we have evolved in terms of knowledge and technology. Almost all of us who are interested in the idea of computing know how these computers came into existence and how much they have evolved now. In case if I ask you to quit the modern tools of computing and get back to the age-old methods will you be able to do it?

That will totally be insane because we live in a faster world and being technologically updated is the need of the hour. Killing technology and getting back to old-school methods will simply bring the world to a pause. Then how do we help retro concepts live? That is when retro computing came to picture. In retro computing, people use the old hardware but the updated software. ‘New wine in an old bottle’ and that is the concept of retro computing.

Is it actually working?

Yes, it is. There are a lot of computer buffs who love to preserve history. These people are into collecting the vintage computer models such as those big, box monitors and hard keyboards with long cables. The concept of saving initially started out with just preserving them, but then people thought why not put them to use and then installed new software packages in those old systems and that is why retrocomputing came into existence.

Why retrocomputing?

One of the best reasons, for why retrocomputing works, is that we are able to bring back the obsolete things to use and make sure that they exist even if manufacturers have seized to manufacture them. It would be unfair to break all these systems and discard them as e-wastes. On the other hand, it would be pointless to have them in stores. But with the help of retrocomputing we can preserve vintage models and at the same time put them to use. This is the reason as to why retro computing has gained attention, and a lot of people are practising it. Read More

The Science Behind Evolution Of Computers!

One of the greatest inventions of the recent days is the evolution of computers. It wouldn’t be too much if we said that without computers we wouldn’t have gone up in technology. It was with the invention of computers other technologies shot up globally. Apart from that, we wouldn’t have realized how much we can explore without the invention of computers. This is the major reason as to why we adore the concept of computers. So here we are going to take a look at the evolution of computers.

How did computers evolve over a period?

We all know that the computer was simply a high-end big-size calculator when it was invented by Charles Babbage. A lot of people after him can be gladly acknowledged as his successors, but it is Babbage who still stands in our heads. After his invention, people were baffled as to how these systems works and the tech-buffs came up with different versions of the same. In between what we call the first invention of Babbage and the super-model computers that we use today, there have been a lot of evolutions.

In short, there are four generations of computers that are in between the two that we have already seen. Depending on the size, appearance, portability, features and usage, computers were classified into different generations. Though we have seen a lot of that is computer classes, what we call the fourth generation are the computers that were manufactured in the years between 1970 and 2010.

The Fifth generation computers:

The fifth and the last generation of computers are the ones that are recently launched. In the recent times, every single day we witness changes in technology. Technology and computers have gone so much hand-in-hand that they are evolving together. It is true that computers are actually making a revolutionary change. We could live without food, but it is not possible to live without computers.

What if evolution hasn’t happened?

This is one of the weirdest questions that someone can ever ask us, but this doubt can be natural. What if no one wanted to proceed with the idea of computers after Babbage? What if people didn’t believe that there was a point beyond? Do you think that evolution is not possible? Even then we would have witnessed these changes. The human mind has always wanted for better things, and we have a natural instinct that helps us understand how to achieve such better things. That is how we have always been able to walk towards improvement and create a better world.


All of us are well-aware of the scientific theory proposed by Charles Darwin. In his theory of revolution, he stated that revolution is an inevitable factor. This works well not just for biological evolution but also the evolution that takes place technologically. So as long as the Darwinian theory holds water, evolution is inevitable.

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