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16/32 are one of the oldest Atari supporting companies around since 1991. We started with a PD Library and grew into a full time retail outlet supporting Atari, Amiga and PC. Now I have gone back to my roots and will keep supporting Atari whilst I work at my new job.

This web site is divided in to 2 parts;

1) This area will be a general resource and information about Atari, Amiga and PC’s  in general. Divided in 3 parts each ill contain links and info on all types of subjects

2)The Sales Catalogue.  This is available through the links in each section but they go to a Online Web Sales Area   (which again is still progressing). The catalogue is a programmed using Actinic which seems very easy to use… I hope.  It is fully functional but you can obviously check by email or phone. Any credit card transfer is secured through Actinic 128bit protection and Zen.

Get ready

Online Web Sales









Well at last I have new software which I am on a steep learning curve for the Webshop – so expect to see a lot of changes from now on to the Webshop.


Jaguar Games
Includes Games descriptions, screen shots and downloadable movies if available.

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home delivery service

To our local customers in the Medway we will still offer at home delivery service and soon a retail unit..

 we hope better prices, ideas and information.

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