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Well at last I have new software which I am on a steep learning curve for the Webshop - so expect to see a lot of changes from now on to the Webshop.

Don't forget to leave any comments or suggestions which I amy be able to incorporate to make ordering easier for you.

Am thinking of organizing a JagFest/Atari Event as part of R3play, if anyone would like to attend or hs something to contribute please email me using the Contact Info

Well I hope you all had a great Xmas and welcome to 2011. Going to continue with changes in motion and I plan to attend more shows. So look forward to seeing you.



to everyone


Where can you meet 16/32 Systems?

E - JagFest 2010
The show takes place on November 27th 2010 in Kaarst - Germany.

Please find all details like the press release, show-program and location plan
on the official website http://www.jagfest.org/euro.

E-JagFest related links:
Official ejagfest Twitter-Account: www.twitter.com/ejagfest
Official Facebooksite: http://tinyurl.com/2e8868r
Nexgam (german) Thread: http://tinyurl.com/2e9hayk
Atariage Thread: http://tinyurl.com/2cnxs26


September figure up.. interesting reading. Gonna be attending 2 shows in Europe - Connexxions in France and Euro Jagfest in Germany.. more details later

Small delay in putting June figures up, due to a family bereavment.

Started a new section TT - so far just documenst but will be adding more as time goes along - also going to be trying out the Atari 4Mb TT ram board upgrade, as 16Mb would be very nice.

Well the best laid plans of mice and men, or in my case hospitals (again). Not me but family. So at least I am going to restart this website and expect changes. (now have you heard that before!)
First change -I am asked sometimes what I sell most of in the webshop so the two boxes above will show a Year best seller list and a Last month best seller list

We will be going to Kaarst in Germany for the European Jagfest, details up later.

As some of you will know I sell on eBay (under nickname of laughingbuddanick 100% rep) as well as through the webshop, however eBay has changed rules recently which means I effectively will stop selling on eBay the amounts I used to sell , which is a shame.
So what did they change? Well they move Video Games to free postage, on surface nice idea. but when your selling an item for 99p which I have done or £1.99 or £2.99 etc free postage becomes problematic. Below is the add that will appear on my auctions.

If anyone has a better idea please let me know.


Due to eBay now insisting that we give "free" postage and packing to our local country customers I feel that I should explain why the original price has gone up by the original postage price.

As old customers will know I pack everything in boxes for shipping so no case of "battered items" in envelopes and me saying "well it was alright when I posted it".

All items are shipped in cardboard boxes with some packing or cardboard backed envelopes, these cost. I used to include the cost for these in p&p (usually around 85p each) now I have to include the cost in the item charge. So all items will be increased by £1.90. This means more profits for eBay on final sale amount. For multiple winners that I can package together (under 2kilo weight) I will work out a deduction so if you win multiple auctions please wait for eBay invoice.

I will monitor this and if it works, fine. If not I will look for another way of selling by auction and inform those who have bought from me where to find me.

Outside UK postage prices have been reduced proportionatley.

Postage Rates

P&P Europe - £0.93 P&P Rest of World - £2.50


This is going to take a little while but have now started to update this site.. there are going to bequite a few changes, links to webshop for new items in, idea on what to do with your Atari's, downloads of useful files etc

If you want something on this site let me know, I do apologise for the very basic editing I will try to get better!!!


Keep promising to do this site and update it, and I will. Just been very busy with work and builders (horror story!!)

Please note webshop is now at


Web links should be updated

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This email list is semi regular but keeps you informed about anything new in my Atari World

Website Changes

Moved website to new server, now should be fully functional.

Start standardizing website, links in red, titles in blue etc

Addition of JagFest

Papyrus additions

Forgot to add Lynx Hints updates, New Shows that I will be attending

Now work has settled down back to the website.

Thanks to Jörgen Nyberg for spotting intentional mistake in PixArt download, ie German Hyp file not Eng.. now corrected

New Show Details

New downloads, updated product pages

Best Sellers List
January 2010-2011

  1. Jaguar Box Inserts
  2. Cybermorph Box Cover
  3. Marvin Marvelous Adventure - CD32
  4. Planetfall - ST Game
  5. DinoOlympics - Lynx
  6. Deadline - ST Game
  7. Joust - Lynx
  8. Jaguar Joypad Orignal Black
  9. Power Drive Rally - Jaguar
  10. External ST Drive cable

Best Sellers List
January 2011

  1. Replacement Keys - ST-STE
  2. Marvin Marvelous Adventure - CD32
  3. Alpine Games - Lynx
  4. Tempus II Editor - ST
  5. World Tour Racing - Jaguar
  6. Platonix - Falcon
  7. Bubsy Bobcat- Jaguar
  8. HoverStrike- Jaguar
  9. Doom Box Cover
  10. Att of Mutant Penguins- Jaguar